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          時間:2014-7-14 14:00:44

              On May 22,2014, "Evaluation on the achievement of Nuclear Grade welding consumables Localization" was held by China Nuclear Energy Association in Suzhou. Mr Zhu Chenghu, the vice-president of Suzhou Thermal Power Research Institute Co Ltd, gave the welcoming speech and Mr Xu Yuming(The deputy secretary general of China Nuclear Energy Association)was present at the meeting.

              Atlantic welding rod for carbon steel (CHE427HR2, CHE507HR2) and welding wire for Carbon steel submerged arc welding (CHW-50C6HR1), jointly developed by Atlantic and Suzhou Thermal Power Research Institute in the reasearch program" research on the development &application of Nuclear Grade welding consumables Localization", passed the evaluation smoothly. The experts group of evaluation commission(a dozen experts) were from China National Nuclear Corporation,Nuclear and Radiation Safety Centre,Tsinghua University, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation 725 research Institute and China Nuclear Power Engineering Co.Ltd.  

              After the debrief of the project achievements, inquiry,Q&A and discussion on the related issues,The expert group all agreed that the engineering level of above atlantic products was in the leading domestic level, reached the international advanced level, which would passed the evaluation and recommended that the products should be generalized widely.

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